SoftFlex ZMorph 1.75 Filament
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SoftFlex ZMorph 1.75 Filament

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SoftFlex ZMorph 1.75 Filament

ZMorph SoftFlex (TPE 88 ShoreA)

Very soft flexible filament can be used to 3D print any parts or objects that need to be soft, flexible or moveable. It’s durable and resistant to wearing off which makes the flex a good choice for technical and mechanical material.

Advantages: flexibility, big elongation, thermoplastic and elastic properties, vibration dampening, good impact and tensile strength, good thermal resistance

Use it for: gears, joints, gaskets, tools.

Nozzle temperature: 220-240 ℃
Heated bed: 60 ℃



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What About


SoftFlex ZMorph 1.75 Filament


Weight 0,5kg
Extruder Temperature 230±10 °C
Bed Temperature 60±5 °C
Diameter: 1.75 mm
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