Nylon 1.75 Filament
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Nylon 1.75 Filament

199.00 zł
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Nylon 1.75 Filament

Nylon (polyamide 66)

Nylon is very durable and elastic. Its resistance to wearing off makes it a very good choice for 3D printing moving parts. ZMorph Nylon is very elastic and finds its application in technical and mechanical fields. It’s hard to break and resistant to alcohols and most chemical substances.

Advantages: tough but flexible, good abrasion resistance, high impact strength, lightweight, fatigue resistance

Use it for: cogwheels, belts, bearings.

Nozzle temperature: 230-250 ℃
Heated bed: 120 ℃


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What About


Nylon 1.75 Filament


Weight 0,5kg
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Extruder Temperature 240±10 °C
Bed Temperature 120±5 °C
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