Flex ZMorph 1.75 Filament
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Flex ZMorph 1.75 Filament

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Flex ZMorph 1.75 Filament

ZMorph Flex (TPE 32 ShoreD)

ZMorph Flex is a hard and flexible filament that can be used in industrial applications. It’s bendable and resistant to wearing off, which makes it a good choice for any part that needs to sustain flexibility.

Advantages: flexibility, big elongation, thermoplastic and elastic properties, vibration dampening, good impact and tensile strength, good thermal resistance

Use it for: joints, gaskets, casings, tools.

Nozzle temperature: 210-230 ℃
Heated bed: 60 ℃



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What About


Flex ZMorph 1.75 Filament


Weight 0,5kg
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Extruder Temperature 220±10 °C
Bed Temperature 60±5 °C
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