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Filament Fun Pack

275.00 $ excluding VAT

Filament Fun Pack contains 8 kg (17.6 lb) of printing materials selected by ZMorph. Discover the full range of 3D printing possibilities with ABS, PLA or other more exotic filaments like Flex, Glassbend, Wood, TPLA, HIPS and even PVA – water soluble support material.


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Filament Fun Pack

Special bundle of 8 kg (17.6 lb) specially selected filaments, dedicated for ZMorph 1.75 mm Plastic Extruder and DUAL PRO Plastic Extruder.

Filament Fun Pack includes the following materials:


ABS: An extra strong impact-resistant filament ideal for 3D printing of solid printed objects.

  • 1 kg black
  • 1 kg white
  • 0,5 kg blue
  • 0,5 kg red


PLA:  Easy to use high-grade type of filament, ideal for 3D printing.

  • 0,5 kg silver
  • 0,5 kg yellow fluor
  • 0,5 kg orange fluor
  • 0,5 kg glow in the dark
  • 0,5 kg pink
  • 0,5 kg bronze gold


HIPS: An excellent support material in combination with ABS, because it dissolves in D’limonene and ABS remains unaffected.

  • 0,5 kg iron gray
  • 0,5 kg natural


PVA-M: Cold water soluble, supporting material for dual extruder 3D printing. 

  • 200 g coil: natural


Wood: Feels and smells like real wood. Easy to print with low temperatures.

  • 200 g coil: natural


Glassbend: Crystal clear, strong, flexible and easy to print filament for 3D printing.

  • 200 g coil: clear


Thermo-PLA:  The dark gray color will change to natural above 29˚C, but much faster above 33˚C or higher.

  • 200 g coil: dark gray


Flex 65: Semi-flexible filament for 3D printing. It is easy knotable as a filament, and bendable in most not too robust 3D shapes.

  • 200 g coil: black



        PLA Filament: 

Printing temperature: 180 – 210˚C
Melting temperature: 210˚C ± 10˚C
Vicat softening temperature: 60˚C

ABS Filament: 

Printing temperature: 220-270˚C
Melting temperature: 245˚C ± 10˚C
Vicat softening temperature: ± 103˚C

HIPS Filament: 

Printing temperature: 220-270˚C
Melting temperature: 220˚C ± 40˚C
Vicat softening temperature: ± 89˚C

        Glassbend Filament: 

Printing temperature:  235-250˚C
Melting temperature: 177-232˚C
Vicat softening temperature:  ± 85˚C

Wood Filament: 

Printing temperature: 205-235˚C
Melting temperature: 150˚C ± 10˚C
Melting point: 140-150˚C
Vicat softening temperature: ± 45˚C

PVA-M Filament: 

Printing temperature: 180-205˚C
Melting temperature: 163˚C
Vicat softening temperature: 60,2˚C

Thermochrome PLA Filament: 

Printing temperature: 180-210˚C
Melting temperature: 210˚C ± 10˚C
Melting point: 145-160˚C
Vicat softening temperature: ± 60˚C

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 20 cm