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CNC Fun Pack – Bits & Materials Bundle

70.00 € excluding VAT

CNC Fun Pack unlocks new digital fabrication possibilities for CNC PRO milling toolhead. The set includes 4 milling bits and a set of materials that gives you a head start in milling, cutting and engraving your projects.


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Bits & Materials Bundle

For CNC PRO milling toolhead users.

CNC Fun Pack includes 4 milling bits which can be easily installed in CNC PRO milling toolhead and a specially prepared bundle of wooden blocks, plexiglass boards and PCB laminate for CNC milling and cutting. 

2 x Carbide bit single flute 1 and 3mm:

- Pin: 3,175mm (1/8 inch)

- Bit length: 38mm

1 x Spherical bit double flute 

- Pin: 3,175mm (1/8 inch)

- Bit length: 40mm

1 x Engraving bit  V-Type PCB

- Pin3,175mm (1/8 inch)

- Bit Length: 30mm

1 x Cube wooden block dimensions: 104 x 105 x 45mm

2 x Rectangular wooden blocks dimensions: Square wooden block – 100 x 200 x 20mm

2 x Plexiglass dimensions: 100 x 200 x 4mm

Please note that the 5th bit visible on the photo “Carbide bit single flute 2mm” is sold together with CNC PRO milling toolhead, and is not included in CNC Fun Pack.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 20 cm